Cool Bags

Introducing the all new portable soft cool bag range from Totalcool.

The Softcool was designed and developed with the outdoors in mind. A lightweight option that can tackle a wide range of adventures and make your life on the go all the more easier, keeping your food and drink ultra-cool through the use of the state-of-the-art Closed-Cell foam insulation.

Keep items chilled with ice up to 4-5 days!* Use with your Eco-Ice!

More About Cool Bags

Introducing our range of cool bags that are designed to not only keep your belongings safe but also ensure they stay cool and fresh, no matter the weather. At Totalcool, we understand the importance of combining style and functionality, and our collection of cool bags does just that. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a picnic, or simply out and about, our cool bags are the perfect companions for your adventures.

Keep It Cool, Keep It Stylish

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Discover our stylish cool bags that are crafted with both fashion and functionality in mind. Our bags are not only designed to keep your food and drinks cool, but they also make a fashion statement wherever you go. With a range of trendy designs and vibrant colors, our cool bags are the perfect accessory to complete your outfit while keeping your belongings chilled.

Stay Refreshed On-The-Go

Say goodbye to warm drinks and melted ice with our high-quality cool bags. Whether you’re planning a day at the beach, a camping trip, or a long road journey, our cool bags will keep your beverages and snacks refreshingly cool throughout the day. With advanced insulation technology, your drinks will stay icy cold, and your food will remain fresh and delicious.

Durability and Convenience Combined

Our cool bags are not only stylish but also built to last. Made from durable materials, they can withstand rugged outdoor adventures and regular use. The bags are designed with convenient features like multiple compartments, adjustable straps, and sturdy handles, making them easy to carry and organize. Whether you’re packing a picnic or heading to a summer festival, our cool bags will make your journey hassle-free.

Versatile and Spacious

From compact options for solo outings to large family-sized cool bags, we have a wide range of sizes to suit your needs. Our bags are designed with ample storage space, allowing you to pack all your essentials and more. Keep your drinks, snacks, fruits, and even cosmetics cool and fresh inside our spacious cool bags.

Eco-Friendly Cooling Solutions

At Totalcool, we believe in sustainable practices, and our cool bags reflect that commitment. Our bags are made from eco-friendly materials that are safe for the environment. By choosing our cool bags, you’re not only keeping your belongings cool but also making a conscious choice to reduce your carbon footprint.

Shop Now and Stay Cool!

Experience the ultimate combination of style and functionality with our range of cool bags. Don’t compromise on keeping your belongings cool and fresh while looking trendy. Shop now at Totalcool and choose from our wide selection of cool bags that are perfect for any occasion. Stay cool, stay stylish!

Remember, our cool bags are in high demand, so make your purchase now to ensure you don’t miss out on the trendiest and most practical bags available. Order today and be prepared for your next adventure!


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Customer reviews

We first met Totalcool at the Yorkshire Show a few years ago. Their products looked ace, they were British, and there was no hard sell. So, we put them on our wish list for the Sahara trek we were planning.

The first item we bought was the Totalfreeze 45 which we took with us to Morocco for three weeks earlier this year. It handled +40oC in the desert, washboard driving through the Oued Draa, and salty days surfing in Imsouane. It also helped us enjoy chilled drinks and flapjack watching the sunset at 8,000ft over the Atlas Mountains. It's on a par of ruggedness with our Jeep and we were hooked.

Since our trip we’ve bought another 45L fridge for our son's Uni room, a 50L fridge for the beach, an air cooler, and the power/solar panel combi for our next adventure in Portugal. We’ll certainly be using the products for what they’re designed for. We might even be able to change the sticker to ‘This family is cooled and powered by Totalcool’.

We’ve had lots of fun chatting to the team at various shows. We’ve even found a connection with my hubby’s hometown of Hull and my red rose of Lancashire.

Anyway, if you want something that’s rugged, looks great, and handles extremes, Totalcool is for you. What’s more, it’s British.

Customer reviews

Purchased a 55 litre portable fridge freezer at Southampton Boat show. Very helpful sales people pointed out we could have it delivered to our boat in Croatia free and not incur tax or customs duty. It duly arrived 1 week later. Brilliant service

Customer reviews

Superb product, probably the best caravanning camping accessory we have purchased, had a small issue dealt with so quickly and easily, very rare to get such great service these days cannot recommend enough 👍

Very welcoming and friendly people, great product for keeping our hound cool in the caravan in hot weather. Product came very highly recommended.

Customer reviews

We have a number of items from Totalcool and they are well worth the money.
The service they provide, either at the show grounds or the office is first class.

Customer reviews

Exceptional service. I ordered a Totalcool fridge freezer on Thursday 7th September at 11-30 am and it arrived the next day at 8-20 am. I spoke to a lady called Kelly who was extremely helpful and pleasant so a massive thankyou and I fully recommend this company..PS my son has this fridge/freezer and he is over the moon with it hence the reason I have bought one. It is a great piece of kit.