Motorhome Air Cooling, Refrigeration, Freezing, Power, and Solar Products for Off-Grid Activities

When it comes to enjoying off-grid activities in your motorhome, staying cool is essential. Totalcool brings you a comprehensive range of air cooling, refrigeration, freezing, power, and solar products that are specifically designed to enhance your outdoor experience. With our cutting-edge solutions, you can beat the heat and ensure your food and beverages stay fresh, all while enjoying the freedom of off-grid living.

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Motorhome Air Cooling: Embrace the Breeze

No more sweltering summer days inside your motorhome! Our motorhome air cooling systems provide a refreshing breeze to keep you cool and comfortable even in the hottest temperatures. Designed with efficiency in mind, our air coolers consume less power while delivering a powerful airflow that circulates throughout your motorhome. Experience the joy of a cool oasis on your off-grid adventures. Don’t suffer through scorching summer days cooped up in your motorhome! Our top-notch air conditioning systems for motorhomes offer a delightful gust of air that will keep you refreshed and relaxed, even during the most intense heatwaves. Engineered for optimal efficiency, our air coolers use less energy while delivering a strong current of air that gently circulates throughout your motorhome. Discover the sheer bliss of a refreshing sanctuary during your off-grid escapades.

Motorhome Refrigeration: Preserve Your Delicacies

Say goodbye to spoiled food during your off-grid trips. Our motorhome refrigeration solutions offer advanced cooling technology that keeps your groceries fresh and beverages chilled. With ample storage space and efficient temperature control, you can store your favorite food items without worrying about their quality. Keep your meals deliciously intact, whether you’re exploring the wilderness or enjoying a scenic campsite. Bid farewell to ruined food on your off-grid adventures. Embrace the revolutionary cooling technology of our motorhome refrigeration solutions that guarantee the freshness of your groceries and the chilliness of your beverages. Rest easy knowing that your beloved food items are stored in spacious compartments with impeccable temperature control. Leave your worries behind and indulge in delicious meals that remain untainted, whether you’re embarking on a thrilling wilderness exploration or savoring the beauty of a picturesque campsite.

Motorhome Freezing: Extend Your Culinary Possibilities

Don’t let the lack of electricity limit your culinary creativity. Our motorhome freezing products enable you to freeze and store perishable items, allowing you to enjoy frozen treats, ice-cold drinks, and even frozen meals while on the road. With reliable and energy-efficient freezing capabilities, you can broaden your menu options and indulge in your favorite frozen delights no matter where you are. Empower your culinary creativity by defying the constraints of limited electricity. Embrace the freedom brought by our exceptional motorhome freezing solutions, which grant you the ability to freeze and preserve perishable goods. With this game-changing technology, savor frozen delicacies, icy beverages, and even mouthwatering frozen meals while traversing the open road. Trust in our reliable and energetically efficient freezing capabilities, as they expand your menu choices and allow you to revel in the delights of your beloved frozen treats, no matter where your adventures take you.

Motorhome Power: Empower Your Adventures

Unleash the power of your motorhome with our cutting-edge power solutions. We offer a range of power products to provide you with a reliable and independent power source. Charge your devices, power your appliances, and enjoy the convenience of electricity in the remotest locations. With Totalcool’s motorhome power solutions, you can stay connected and embrace the freedom of off-grid living. Tap into the full potential of your motorhome with our advanced power solutions. We have a variety of innovative products that will supply you with dependable and self-reliant electricity. Keep your gadgets charged, run your household appliances effortlessly, and revel in the ease of having power even in the most isolated areas. With Totalcool’s cutting-edge motorhome power solutions, you can remain connected and fully embrace the liberating lifestyle of living off the grid.

Motorhome Solar: Harness the Energy of the Sun

Go green and harness the power of the sun with our motorhome solar products. Our high-quality solar panels and solar kits enable you to generate your own electricity while exploring the great outdoors. By utilizing sustainable energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. Experience the benefits of solar power and enjoy the convenience of self-sufficiency during your off-grid adventures. Embrace a greener lifestyle and tap into the sun’s energy with our incredible range of solar products for motorhomes. Our top-notch solar panels and kits empower you to generate your very own electricity while immersing yourself in nature’s wonders. By embracing sustainable energy, you can actively play a part in reducing your impact on the environment and creating a healthier planet. Discover the countless perks of solar power and relish in the freedom of self-sufficiency during your thrilling off-grid escapades.


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Customer reviews

This company is amazing, fantastic customer service and prompt delivery. The product Totalcool is very effective , compact , great for traveling with your dog. this keeps your dog whilst travelling in the boot. Fantastic for the house as well, this is a great portable adaptable product. It is very simple efficient and extremely quiet. Would highly recommend this company.

Customer reviews

Saw these units at one of the caravan shows and although initially though it was a lot of money we decided to buy one to use in our touring caravan. We are so glad we did - these are a fantastic piece of kit and in the heat of the summer we have just had it more than cooled our van down to a comfortable temperature.

Customer reviews

I bought my Totalcool a while back now and it’s been a life saver for on the road with battery pack for the dogs on the van and also through the hot nights in the bedroom we had a while back, 100% would recommend one to people, I also put plastic ice cubes in to keep the temperature chilled.

Very welcoming and friendly people, great product for keeping our hound cool in the car/van in hot weather. Product came very highly recommended.

Customer reviews

A great business with outstanding customer service. Andy went out of his way to ensure I didn't waste money. Excellent products too.

Customer reviews

The Totalcool 3000 unit runs nice and quiet too which meant we could keep it on all night long without it being annoying. The added bonus of using the scented oils in the unit too kept bugs out and the caravan smelling good - it is definitely well worth the money spent.