Fishing: Off-Grid Cooling, Refrigeration, Freezing, Power, and Solar Solutions

As a passionate fishing enthusiast, you understand the importance of keeping your provisions, bait, or catch fresh and your equipment powered up during your fishing expeditions. Totalcool is here to revolutionise your fishing experience with our comprehensive range of off-grid cooling, refrigeration, freezing, power, and solar solutions. Our innovative products are designed to cater to the unique needs of fishing enthusiasts, ensuring that you can focus on what you love most – catching fish and creating memories.

More about Fishing

Off-Grid Cooling Solutions

Our off-grid cooling solutions are specifically engineered to provide you with efficient and reliable cooling options even when you’re far from traditional power sources. Whether you’re on a boat, at a remote fishing spot, or camping by the water, Totalcool has the perfect cooling solution for you. Say goodbye to melted ice and spoiled food. With our advanced technology, you can keep your refreshments or bait chilled and your catch fresh throughout your fishing trip.

Refrigeration and Freezing Solutions

Totalcool offers a wide range of refrigeration and freezing solutions that cater to the unique requirements of fishing enthusiasts. Our products utilise cutting-edge cooling technology, ensuring that your perishable items remain fresh and your catch is preserved in optimal conditions. From compact coolers for your day trips to spacious refrigerators for longer expeditions, we have the perfect storage solution to meet your needs.

Power Your Fishing Adventures

At Totalcool, we understand the importance of staying connected and powered up during your fishing adventures. That’s why we offer a range of off-grid power solutions that harness the limitless energy of the sun. Our solar power systems provide a reliable and eco-friendly source of energy to keep your electronic devices charged, run essential equipment. With Totalcool’s off-grid power solutions, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power again.

Unleash the Potential of Solar Solutions

Experience the freedom of harnessing solar energy with Totalcool’s solar-powered products. Our solar panels and accessories are designed to optimize power generation, ensuring that you have a consistent and sustainable energy source for your fishing needs. From solar-powered coolers and freezers to portable solar chargers, our products enable you to enjoy your fishing adventures while minimizing your impact on the environment.


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Customer reviews

This company is amazing, fantastic customer service and prompt delivery. The product Totalcool is very effective , compact , great for traveling with your dog. this keeps your dog whilst travelling in the boot. Fantastic for the house as well, this is a great portable adaptable product. It is very simple efficient and extremely quiet. Would highly recommend this company.

Customer reviews

Saw these units at one of the caravan shows and although initially though it was a lot of money we decided to buy one to use in our touring caravan. We are so glad we did - these are a fantastic piece of kit and in the heat of the summer we have just had it more than cooled our van down to a comfortable temperature.

Customer reviews

I bought my Totalcool a while back now and it’s been a life saver for on the road with battery pack for the dogs on the van and also through the hot nights in the bedroom we had a while back, 100% would recommend one to people, I also put plastic ice cubes in to keep the temperature chilled.

Very welcoming and friendly people, great product for keeping our hound cool in the car/van in hot weather. Product came very highly recommended.

Customer reviews

A great business with outstanding customer service. Andy went out of his way to ensure I didn't waste money. Excellent products too.

Customer reviews

The Totalcool 3000 unit runs nice and quiet too which meant we could keep it on all night long without it being annoying. The added bonus of using the scented oils in the unit too kept bugs out and the caravan smelling good - it is definitely well worth the money spent.