Portable Evaporative Air Coolers for Campervans from Totalcool: Cooling Comfort on the Go

Portable Evaporative Air Coolers for Campervans from Totalcool: Cooling Comfort on the Go

Campervan enthusiasts know that hitting the open road offers unparalleled freedom and adventure. However, traveling in a campervan during the scorching summer months can be challenging, as the confined space can quickly become uncomfortably hot. To combat this issue, many campervan owners turn to portable air coolers, a convenient and efficient solution to keep the interior cool and comfortable while on the move. This is where Totalcool’s Portable Evaporative Air Coolers step in, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution to beat the heat in campervans of all shapes and sizes.

More about Air Coolers for Campervans

Portable air coolers, often referred to as swamp coolers or evaporative coolers, are devices designed to lower the temperature in a confined space by evaporating water and blowing cool air into the surroundings. These compact units are becoming increasingly popular among campervan owners due to their portability, energy efficiency, and ability to provide relief from heat without the need for an air conditioning system.

In the world of evaporative cooling technology, the Totalcool 3000 Air Cooler stands as a testament to British innovation and precision. It’s not just a portable campervan air cooler; it’s a product of dedication, expertise, and a deep passion for cooling solutions for people on the move. Designed for campervan owners and outdoor enthusiasts, the Totalcool 3000 Portable Air Cooler represents the pinnacle of ergonomic design and cooling technology, promising simplicity, and effectiveness in one neat package.

The Totalcool 3000 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler isn’t just another piece of campervan cooling equipment—it’s the culmination of expertise and dedication from a team deeply immersed in the world of evaporative cooling technology. Designed with a profound understanding of the unique needs of campervan owners and outdoor enthusiasts, this innovative cooler redefines the way you stay cool on your journeys.

Totalcool Air Coolers, Built on a Foundation of Knowledge, and Experience:

At Totalcool, our team lives and breathes portable evaporative cooling technology. Our experience and knowledge in creating air coolers for campervans shine through in every aspect of the Totalcool 3000’s design. We’ve harnessed the power of evaporative cooling to create a product that’s not only effective in campervans of all sizes, but also user-friendly, making it an ideal solution for both novices and experienced travellers alike.

Totalcool Campervan Air Coolers – Simplicity Meets Performance:

We understand that when it comes to cooling, simplicity matters. The Totalcool 3000 Portable Evaporative Air Cooler is engineered to be as user-friendly as possible. It’s a true plug-and-play campervan air cooling solution, eliminating the need for complex installations or technical expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or just starting your campervan adventures, you can effortlessly operate this cooler. Just plug it in, and within moments, you’ll be enjoying a refreshing, cool breeze.

A Campervan Air Cooler Built to Last with Green Credentials

Durability and sustainability are at the core of Totalcool’s ethos. The Totalcool 3000 Portable Campervan Air Cooler is constructed from robust, bacteria-resistant plastic. This not only ensures its longevity but also contributes to a healthier environment. The inclusion of a biodegradable filter further underscores Totalcool’s commitment to green technology. The Totalcool 3000 Campervan Air Cooler is designed with efficiency in mind. It takes ordinary tap water and transforms it into air that’s 45% cooler, making it a versatile choice for cooling, whether you’re in the wilds of nature or the comfort of your Campervan. By using readily available water sources, the Totalcool 3000 minimises the environmental impact while providing superior cooling performance.

One of the Totalcool 3000’s remarkable features is its adaptability to various power sources. It can operate wherever you have access to 12 or 24-volt DC power or 100-240 AC mains power. Whether you’re on the road in your Campervan or relaxing at home, this portable campervan air cooler ensures you have cool air whenever you need it.

The Totalcool 3000 Portable Campervan Air Cooler offers four-speed settings, from a gentle low setting to a powerful BOOST mode for those scorching days. The low setting is specifically designed to run as quietly as possible, allowing you to sleep comfortably in your campervan even on humid nights while enjoying a cooling, gentle breeze.

What Are Portable Evaporative Coolers/ Portable Air Coolers?

Portable evaporative air coolers, sometimes known as swamp coolers or desert coolers, are innovative devices designed to cool the air through the natural process of evaporation. They function by drawing warm air through water-saturated pads or filters. As air passes through these moistened pads, water evaporates, leading to a significant drop in air temperature. The cooled air is then circulated into the campervan, creating a more comfortable living environment.

Advantages of Portable Evaporative Air Coolers for Campervans

Energy Efficiency: Portable evaporative air coolers are exceptionally energy-efficient when used in campervans. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems that consume substantial electricity, these coolers use only a fraction of the energy, reducing your energy costs and environmental footprint.

Environmentally Friendly: Totalcool Evaporative Air Coolers are eco-friendly. They operate without refrigerants or chemicals, relying solely on the natural cooling power of water evaporation, making them a sustainable and green cooling option for campervan owners.

Portability: As the name suggests, these campervan air coolers are highly portable. Their compact design and lightweight build allow you to move them easily within your campervan or even use them outside for focused spot cooling on a hot summers evening.

Easy Installation: Installing a portable evaporative air cooler in your campervan is a straightforward process. These units typically require access to water and electricity, with no need for extensive modifications to your Campervan’s setup.

Low Maintenance: Maintenance of evaporative air coolers is hassle-free. Regular cleaning and occasional replacement of the cooling pads are usually all that’s needed to keep the cooling unit running efficiently.

Humidity Control: Evaporative air coolers introduce moisture into the air as part of the cooling process. This feature can be especially beneficial in dry climates, preventing indoor air from becoming excessively dry and uncomfortable.

Totalcool’s Portable Evaporative Air Coolers for Campervans: Your Companion for Cool Comfort

Totalcool understands the unique cooling needs of campervan travellers and has designed portable evaporative air coolers to provide the perfect cooling solution. Here are some standout features that make Totalcool’s Evaporative Air Coolers a must-have for campervan enthusiasts:

Tri Voltage Compatibility (12V, 24V & AC Mains Power): Totalcool’s Portable Air Coolers are incredibly versatile, capable of operating on multiple power sources. Whether you’re connected to 12V or 24V systems in your campervan or have access to AC mains power, these portable air coolers adapt to your energy source, ensuring comfort wherever your journey takes you.

Lightweight, Compact, and Portable: Designed with mobility in mind, Totalcool’s Portable Air Coolers are lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and install in your campervan. Their portability lets you place them where you need cooling the most, whether in the living area or sleeping quarters.

Ultra-Slow Evaporation: Totalcool’s cooling technology ensures an ultra-slow evaporation process. This means that the cooling pads retain moisture for extended periods, providing consistent and efficient cooling throughout your travels.

Low Current Draw (0.3 – 1.8 Amps): These portable air coolers are remarkably energy-efficient, drawing a low current to operate. This not only saves energy but also reduces strain on your campervan’s electrical system, making them a practical choice for prolonged use.

Long-Range Cooling (45% Cooler Air Over 7 Meters): Totalcool’s Portable Air Coolers can deliver a significant cooling effect over a substantial distance, ensuring that every corner of your campervan benefits from the refreshing cool air.

Directional Air Vents: Customise your cooling experience with directional air vents. You can direct the cool air precisely where you need it, ensuring that everyone in your campervan stays comfortable.

Runs on Normal Tap Water: Totalcool’s Portable Evaporative Air Coolers are designed to run on readily available tap water, eliminating the need for specialised cooling fluids. This convenience simplifies maintenance and reduces operating costs.

4 Speed Settings: Tailor your cooling experience with four-speed settings, allowing you to adjust the airflow to your desired comfort level.

Quiet Speed Setting for Sleeping: Totalcool understands the importance of a peaceful night’s sleep. These portable evaporative air coolers offer a quiet speed setting specifically designed for sleeping, ensuring a restful night without disturbances.

Built-in Battery Protection System with Automatic Cut-off: Equipped with a built-in battery protection system, these portable air coolers safeguard your campervan’s battery from over-discharge, automatically cutting off power when necessary to prevent battery-related issues.

Built for Use in Moving Vehicles: Totalcool’s portable air coolers are engineered to perform reliably even in moving vehicles, ensuring that you stay cool whether you’re cruising down the motorway or parked at your favourite campsite.

No Excess Humidity, Damp Air, or Condensation: Totalcool’s cooling technology maintains a comfortable humidity level, ensuring that you enjoy cool air without excess moisture or condensation in your campervan.

Free AC Mains Plug, Adapter, and 4-Meter 12V Lead Included: Totalcool provides the accessories you need for hassle-free setup, including an AC mains plug, adapter, and a generous 4-meter 12V lead.

2x Biodegradable Cooling Filter Pads Included: Totalcool is committed to sustainability. They include two biodegradable cooling filter pads with their portable evaporative air coolers, reducing environmental impact.

Environmentally Friendly: Totalcool’s cooling technology is eco-friendly, using water as the primary cooling medium and eliminating the need for harmful refrigerants or chemicals.

With Totalcool’s Portable Evaporative Air Coolers, you can enjoy a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere in your campervan, no matter where your adventures take you. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and versatility that Totalcool brings to your journey on the open road. Stay cool, stay comfortable with Totalcool.