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The Totalfreeze 35,45,55

Introducing the all new Totalcool portable 12v/24v and mains power compressor fridge freezers.

The new Totalfreeze Range uses the latest cooling technology and features. Manufactured from the highest quality components, the Totalfreeze Range is lightweight, robust and beautifully designed. All this and an exceptionally low current draw at only 30-40 watts.

Perfect for days at the beach, fishing trips or as an extra fridge freezer in the caravan, motorhome and boat etc...

Key Features

  • The very latest in ergonomic portable design
  • Energy efficient cooling or freezing to an impressive -20oC
  • High quality construction
  • Ultra energy efficient with low current draw
  • Battery Protection System
  • Large internal storage capacity
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Easy to use LED display and control system
  • Whisper quiet noise level
  • 12v / 24v and AC mains power input
  • Duel zone fridge and freezer
  • Stays cold up-to 8 hours once uplugged

Totalfreeze 35

Dimensions & Weight

  • External Dimensions D/W/H: 690 x 345 x 382mm
  • Internal Dimensions D/W/H: 492 x 261 x 288mm
  • Net Weight 14.0kg

Totalfreeze 45

Dimensions & Weight

  • External Dimensions D/W/H: 690 x 345 x 462mm
  • Internal Dimensions D/W/H: 492 x 261 x 364mm
  • Net Weight 15.0kg

Totalfreeze 55

Dimensions & Weight

  • External Dimensions D/W/H: 690 x 345 x 524mm
  • Internal Dimensions D/W/H: 492 x 261 x 434mm
  • Net Weight 17.0kg

Other Details:

  • Input Power: 12v / 24v / AC Adapter
  • DC Fuse (A): 15 Amp
  • Litres: 55
  • Material: PP / ABS
  • Temperature Range: -20oC to +20oC
  • Power Consumption: 30-40 Watt
  • Colour: Light Grey / Dark Grey
  • Removable Basket
Totalcool Totalpower 144

The Totalfreeze 35,45,55 FAQs

No, the unit has a built-in battery protection system that will cut out at 9.5 volts always leaving you enough power to start the engine.

– Depending on the size of the battery and the setting around 20 – 30 hours on average.

Again, depending on the size of the battery and the mode setting around 12 – 15 hours on average.
(The above can be worked out by dividing the wattage of the battery by the wattage used per hour. A 600-watt battery divided by 45 watts an hour would last 13.3 hours.)

Around 3 - 4 hours depending on mode setting ambient temperature.

Around 18 – 24 hours depending on the mode setting and ambient temperature.

Around 20 – 30 minutes depending on ambient temperature.

No, the compressor will just work harder to reach the desired temperature and may take slightly longer.

No and the compressor works intermittently so when the compressor is not on there is no sound at all.

The 35 = 14kg
The 45 = 15 kg
The 55 = 17 kg

Yes it is made out of the highest quality polypropylene.

Up to an unbelievable 8 hours depending on the ambient temperature.